No company can be successful without sales growth. Thus, a few sales strategies are always needed.

  1. Do not “sell” – sounds like I’ve lost my mind but “selling” in the traditional sense is no longer largely successful. And, who wants to “peddle the streets”? Instead focus on providing value.
  2. It’s all about the relationship – it sounds like a cliché, but there isn’t anything more true. Think about the salespeople who’ve been successful in working with you…… all circles back around to the relationship.
  3. Credibility – it sounds obvious but it is key to success in sales. You don’t gain credibility because you tell people about it (which is one of the reasons advertising doesn’t really work as well as most think). Instead, you prove credibility through your reputation, your past accomplishments, providing value, etc.
  4. Ask questions – again, it flies in the face of conventional wisdom that Sales should not “sell” a prospect on the features and benefits of products and services. Instead, ask questions and understand your prospect or customer’s needs. It might be eye-opening.
  5. It’s not about price (unless you are Wal-Mart) – don’t get sucked into the price game. Back up and focus on your value, your competitive advantage – how can you help your customers achieve great success?