Before the summer months distract you, review your priorities. Make sure you’re focusing on matters that get you closer to reaching your goals.

As we head into summer, it is always good to think about what the most successful executives do to keep the momentum going. What do they do differently than the rest? It often leads back to setting priorities. Thus, as we head into the summer months, I thought a few tips might prove useful:

1. Pick 3 overarching priorities – Don’t overwhelm yourself with 10,000 priorities which clearly are not achievable. Instead, take a step back and think about your top 3.

2. Consider urgency – Sounds obvious but everything cannot be urgent. Which potential priorities are the most urgent?

3. Fit with Goals – How do the priorities fit into your company or personal goals? If they are not important to achieving your most important goals, why focus on them?

4. What if you don’t? – What will happen if you don’t do it? It’s interesting when you consider this question. I often find that I might have a task on my list, and I want to “check it off” even if it’s no longer important or just a “C” type priority. Should I work 12-hour days to finish a “C” item?

5. Make downtime a priority – Have you planned in downtime? Do you consider personal time and thinking time a priority? If not, why? No one can successfully focus 24/7 – and why would you try?

6. Start with the A priorities – Sounds obvious but it is easy to get caught up with completing easy or enjoyable “C” priorities.