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Overcoming Project Bottlenecks

Every manager juggles several projects at once, some more troublesome than others. Clearing your path of obstacles is a constant burden but with preparation, calm, creativity, and decisiveness, you can dodge roadblocks that obstruct project success.Published in “Project Times” website, May 20, 2014 Click here for original article. Have [...]

How To Elevate Business Performance with Lean I.T.

Technological innovations are abundant, even overwhelming. Rather than trying to modernize at every turn seek to leverage your I.T. department to provide maximum efficiency without non-value added work.We hear a lot about lean, Toyota Production System and the like; however, I rarely hear about Lean I.T.  A friend and [...]

Hidden Opportunities for Process Improvement

Business moves fast as customers demand more and competitors look for an edge to beat you. Excelling in this environment requires a proactive approach with continuous process improvement at the heart.Take any business process. I have no doubt there will be hidden opportunities for process improvement. When is the [...]

Outsourcing, In-sourcing, Near-sourcing?

American businesses may have miscalculated costs and benefits when they joined the outsourcing bandwagon. With the tide rolling back, what direction should you take?For many years, companies outsourced as a natural course of activity. Unfortunately, often times, they didn't even perform an analysis of the total benefit; instead, everyone [...]

Speed is King: How Do We Leverage for Project Management?

In the race for increased profits is speed leaving vital priorities behind? Assess all factors before jumping the gun.In today’s new normal business environment, customers want products and services delivered quicker. Investors want month-end numbers faster. Customers expect new products yesterday. Executives are expected to sift through an immense [...]

Production Scheduling

The fun of production scheduling is also the most important aspect, managing competing priorities and variables to find the best overall solution.Production scheduling has been a part of my expertise since my post-college days at Coca-Cola Enterprises. It has been a part of every job I've held (whether directly [...]

Put the Spark Back in Manufacturing

The APICS-IE executive panel and networking symposium is an opportunity to join with your colleagues (and competitors) to learn and collaborate.Only those manufacturers and distributors who want to thrive in 2014 will join in, collaborate and be a bigger part of the community! In todays’ increasingly complex world, seemingly [...]

Don’t Prioritize!

Believe it or not, there is a time to throw out priorities! As much as I talk about priorities, I'm sure you're wondering if I've lost my mind by saying "don't prioritize". Possibly; however, there is a time to throw out priorities! What do you need to accomplish to [...]

6 Pitfalls to Program Management Success for Manufacturing Leaders

Stay in the manufacturing game- avoid common program management pitfalls. In today’s business environment, manufacturing leaders must do more with less – and deliver superior customer service at the same time. In my 25 years of experience as an operations executive and global business consultant, I’m seeing an unprecedented [...]

Manufacturing Management Success: Managing in 2014’s Complex World

Complexity abounds in manufacturing management; can you rise to the challenge?Complexity abounds!  Supply chains are extended. Risks must be mitigated. Rules and regulations are increasing. Talent is in short supply.  95% of business is outside the U.S. yet expanding internationally brings challenges and complexity. Customers are demanding more for [...]

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