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Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Growth?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) offers companies a chance to partner with customers to better manage inventory and costs. Once the partnership proves fruitful, expanded business opportunities occur.I recently participated as a panelist with Michael DeCata, CEO of Lawson Products, for Industrial Distribution magazine's VMI (vendor managed inventory) webinar. Although [...]

Why Strategic Planning is an Oxymoron

Strategic planning has long been hailed the business cornerstone for projecting profit and growth. Oftentimes, the strategy, “what”, gets mixed up with the tactics, or the “how”, which leads to failure. Although almost everyone uses the term strategic planning, it doesn't make sense. Setting strategy is a clear; however, [...]

Do Your Executives Have Vision?

Develop your business vision with an eagle eye to see further out into the future creating clarity and purpose for your company. In thinking about an eagle's eye (in concert with my Eagle Eye service line), it comes to mind that vision is a key contributor to success. An [...]

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SIOP/ Integrated Business Planning

Manufacturing and distributing product to meet customer demand can be like a puzzle unless you start using SIOP as a core process to run your business.SIOP (sales, inventory, & operations planning) taken to the best practice degree is often associated with integrated business planning. In some circles, they are [...]

The People Element

Locate your best employees, particularly in leadership positions, and invest in them for continued success.I find that the best process will fail with the wrong people. The best system will not drive results if the wrong people are involved. Yet if exceptional people are involved, even the most mediocre [...]

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It’s Not What You Know; It’s Who You Know

August 25, 2015 As I was debating about what to write about this week, two colleagues walked into my client's office for help in resolving an issue. Upon leaving, one said "It's not what you know; it's who you know". I thought this phrase rang true. Clearly, you have [...]

Should We Always Aim to Reduce Inventory Levels?

Though reducing inventory is generally advisable special situations arise when stocking inventory makes good business sense.Certainly reducing inventory on hand is typically preferred as you can accelerate your cash flow. It is one of the key focus areas of my consulting practice. I have found that reducing inventory by [...]

The Transfer of Ontario Airport & The Challenge Bridging Strategy & Execution

August 10, 2015 Many of my Inland Empire colleagues and trusted advisors have been supporting the transfer of ownership of the Ontario airport back to the city of Ontario (from LAX airport) for YEARS. It was a big surprise last week when the Los Angeles Times reported breaking news [...]

Tips for Successful Performance Reviews

Employees might feel that they’re under the microscope during performance reviews, but supervisors should try to provide feedback on a regular basis for better job performance and motivation. As mundane as performance reviews can be, they are vital to success. Hopefully you are spending time with each of your [...]

Are Check Points Required to Deliver Project Results?

Effective project management has become cornerstone to business performance. Although we are largely in a recovery, none of my clients have gone back to the days of having more than the required resources “just in case” yet project demands are ever-increasing as profitable growth is key to success. In [...]

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