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Forget Data Cleanup and Find a Measure to Start NOW!

Are you mired in data cleanup and not focused on measures that can immediately help you? Stop searching for the “right” data lever and look for measures to track and improve processes.If you have the systems to measure your ideal metric, go for it but don't let it become [...]

Technologies Transforming Supply Chains

One of the ways to become cost competitive with lower labor cost countries is to automate. Look for all the new uses for technology in supply chains. Modern marvels and new information technologies are transforming supply chains. Automation, robots, AI (artificial intelligence), 3D Printing, Bitcoin technology and the IoT [...]

Unscrambling a Challenged System Implementation

When faced with a challenging system implementation, take a step back and reassess instead of devoting more resources to a plan that may not work out.From time to time, we receive a call from a client dealing with a challenged ERP implementation. Unfortunately, "challenged" is a nice word for [...]

Collaborate for Project Success

Create fresh business ideas for your project by collaborating with diverse groups in your offices and along the supply chain.Published in "Project Times" website, April 6, 2015 Click here for original article. Collaboration has come into vogue. In my experience working with clients ranging in size from $4 million [...]

Collaborative Planning

Collaboration during the planning process is instrumental in creating an effective end-to-end supply chain where everyone gets what they need when they need it.My most successful clients consider collaborative planning a no-brainer.   In its simplest form, collaborative planning is partnering with your customers, suppliers and other supply chain [...]

Overriding Metrics

Do you have your finger on the right metrics for benchmarking your company’s performance? SCOR methodology may help you take a more strategic approach. As I sat in a SCOR training class to learn more about the Supply Chain Operations Reference model which provides the executive level viewpoint on [...]

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The SIOP Conveyor Belt Analogy

The ongoing planning and adjustments integral to the SIOP is like a conveyor belt carrying along current data and processes until they become history.SIOP (Sales, inventory, & operations planning) is a methodology of sorts that aligns demand with supply – and, more importantly, the various functions of the organization, [...]

The Good & Bad of Using Temps, Contractors & Consultants

When facing short-term staffing challenges, supplement your needs with temps, contractors or consultants. To be successful, be clear on the purpose and staff accordingly. I find that almost every one of my clients and prospective clients are growing significantly. One complication of growth is to find, upgrade and keep [...]

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An IT Roadmap

Creating an IT roadmap shouldn’t be all about the bells and whistles of the system, but rather on the technology that supports the strategy and business objectives.Ever heard about 1's and 0's as it relates to computers? That level of detail is often what I see with systems. We [...]

Why Care About Systems Transactions?

Systems transactions are often treated as an afterthought but are critical to building a stable foundation for your business.As mundane as system transactions seem, I continually find that whether or not they are deemed a priority can make the difference between a successful operation or not. The bottom line [...]

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