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Are Check Points Required to Deliver Project Results?

Effective project management has become cornerstone to business performance. Although we are largely in a recovery, none of my clients have gone back to the days of having more than the required resources “just in case” yet project demands are ever-increasing as profitable growth is key to success. In [...]

What You Don’t See

Missing important clues at work because they’re not obvious or visible is as good as going around with blinders. Part of having an eagle eye is knowing what you don't see. I've found that being observant while walking around a manufacturing or distribution facility can yield many hidden gems. [...]

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

With every business looking for a customer service edge your CRM system should set you apart from your competitors to create customer loyalty. Keeping with the customer theme, I thought a brief discussion on CRM would be in order. In the last 5 years, I've seen the importance of [...]

Your Customer Comes 1st

Believing you understand your customers’ needs can differ vastly from what they actually want. In the end though, the customer gets what the customer wants, whether from you or your competition. As I thought about an appropriate topic, I was reminded of the importance of starting with your customer. [...]

The Value of SIOP

I've been thinking about the value of SIOP (sales, inventory and operations planning). Not only can it be a great way to gain bottom line results (capacity to support business growth, improved margins, accelerated cash flow), but it also can help align the functions of an organization. I've facilitated [...]

Is Customer Service Pivotal for Project Success?

Create a work culture where the customer’s needs come first to ensure project management success. In today’s new normal business environment, customer service is pivotal in project management ONLY if you want to ensure success. According to my firm’s recent research report, Amazon Effect, which covered the role of [...]

Transaction Criticality

Transactions occur so often you may not even be giving them a second thought. But each one has the potential to affect growth and profits. Few executives think much about transaction criticality. Transactions certainly aren't strategic; however, I have seen numerous clients growth and profit plans negatively affected by [...]

Why is it So Hard to Focus on Priorities?

Competing priorities may seem equally important and worthy of full attention. For significant impact, though, you have to stop and determine what you can safely put on the back burner. Why is it so challenging for executives to focus on priorities? It would seem simple; however it rarely is [...]

The Power of Dashboards

Focusing on relevant, actionable data is easier to manage when you can prominently display it on your dashboard. I've been working with a rapidly growing, smaller client that sees the power of dashboards. I have to tip my hat to them as most $50 and $100 million dollar companies [...]

Why Doing It Right the First Time is NOT Always Right

Published January 23, 2015 We commonly hear the phrase "Do it right the first time". Of course, generally speaking, who wouldn't want to do that? Waste is bad. However, I've found that there is a time when doing it right the first time is NOT the path to success [...]

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