Take notice of the impact your nonverbal presence has on those around you to improve your connection with people.

I’ve noticed lately that walking and speaking with confidence can go a long way! Did you know that 93% of your impact comes through nonverbal channels? Perhaps it’s best to pay attention to some of these elements!

Have you noticed that those people (regardless of their position power) who speak with confidence, walk with confidence and demonstrate confidence through body language get what they pursue? Perhaps it would make good sense to think about what they are doing…. People follow people who believe in what they do. Thus, I thought a few keys to success would be helpful in how to walk with confidence:

  • Polish up on your speaking skills – Although it might not seem fair, a mediocre presentation spoken with confidence will be more successful than an exceptional one spoken without confidence. Thus, brush up on your speaking skills as you’ll likely go in with additional confidence.
  • Speak louder – Speak so that people can hear you. I am lucky that I had no choice but to speak loudly so folks could hear me as I led countless conference calls when I was a VP of Operations. Double your loudness and no one except you will think you are loud; however, it’s likely they’ll think you are confident.
  • Make “good” assumptions – I recently had a client point out to me that I assumed I could help them resolve various issues where I had no direct control (such as hiring temps etc.) and she saw that as noteworthy. She felt confident pursuing what she knew would be successful because I seemed confident I could help her. I didn’t think about it until she mentioned it as I just knew it would be a compelling story and so assumed I could help “make it happen”. The key here is to be smart with your assumptions as I’ve seen folks go down that rabbit hole.
  • Consider your presence – Whether we like it or not, our presence matters. My article last month details a few tips to think about.
  • Consider your body language – Hire experts to help you. It is not easy to realize what you might be “saying” with your body language unintentionally; however it is likely you are screaming something. Is it what you want?