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Improving Operational Efficiency

As I continually find, fundamentals are often overlooked yet critical to success; thus, it seems this is a great topic to take a look at.... What matters in your operation? - Forget about Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and the rest for now. In my experience, it is a distraction [...]

2023-09-17T00:33:42-07:00April 24, 2013|Categories: Manufacturing, Process Improvement|Tags: , |

Supply Chain Strategy – Formula for Success

Succeeding in today's new normal business environment requires thinking about supply chain strategy differently than we did ten years ago. Supply chains have become more complex - and global. Managing risk is multifaceted. Yet supply chains are the bread and butter of business success as customer satisfaction is not [...]

2022-09-08T07:06:51-07:00April 24, 2013|Categories: Supply Chain|Tags: |

The Resurgence of Manufacturing – it’s up to you!

Resurgence of manufacturing is occurring if we choose to take hold of it! As I recently attended the Manufacturing Summit in the Inland Empire and have been preparing for my Association of Operations Management Inland Empire Chapter's 2nd Annual Executive Panel & Networking Symposium entitled "The Resurgence of Manufacturing [...]

2023-08-30T12:22:23-07:00April 24, 2013|Categories: Manufacturing|Tags: , |

Is Outsourcing Dead?

As the cost advantages for outsourcing dry up more companies are bringing manufacturing back to North America. Re-shoring may increasingly be your best bet for improving customer service levels without going broke. GE has started to rev up Appliance Park again - and is starting to bring manufacturing back [...]

Sales & Operations Planning Drives RESULTS

Sales & Operations Planning (sometimes known as SIOP or sales, inventory & operations planning) drives revenue, profitability and cash flow. Here are 5 tips to ensure success: Balances demand & supply – The key benefit of SIOP is to balance demand (sales forecasts) with supply (our ability to meet [...]

Duke University & CFO Global Outlook Survey Suggests Optimism

March 23, 201 According to CFO, Duke University and CFO Global Business Outlook Survey suggests strong optimism! In fact, the survey's optimism index for the quarter jumped to 69 (on a 100-point scale) which is the highest level in 14 years. This is also significantly higher than the long-run [...]

2023-09-16T06:17:17-07:00March 23, 2013|Categories: Business & the Economy, Supply Chain Briefing|Tags: |

Customer Communication Strategies for Success

Expand customer communication strategies to continually explore partnership opportunities for win-win situations. Improving customer communication is always a good idea; however, making these communications a key focus area is pivotal in today’s new normal business environment. I am consistently hearing about top priorities of business growth and improving business [...]

2023-09-11T11:57:27-07:00March 13, 2013|Categories: Business & the Economy, Customer Service, Supply Chain Management|Tags: |

Supply Chain Fundamentals Accelerate Performance

I just finished speaking at 6 Packed Supply Chain Conference in Dallas, Texas, and it was obvious that supply chain fundamentals remain in style. I presented on two topics – “Best Practices of Inventory Management” and “Leveraging Social Networks to Improve Operations”. There was standing room only for “Best [...]

Press Release: Supply Chain Strategist Lisa Anderson Shows Executives How to Leverage Social Networks to Elevate Customer Service

Originally published on PR Newswire on January 8, 2013 Business managers and entrepreneurs must not only drive bottom line business results by leveraging social networks but they must also stand out in the crowd in today's competition-intense business environment, according to supply chain expert Lisa Anderson, founder and President [...]

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