Don’t get lost in the functionality; Follow these five selection tips.

I get “too many” calls to help resolve problems associated with system upgrades and/or new system implementations. How can some of these be avoided during the selection process?

1. The good salesman – ERP software suppliers have to be some of the best salespeople I’ve seen. Even when you are careful, they’ll likely focus more on the bells & whistles of their system than is desirable.

2. Standard functionality – Standard functionality is the downfall of ERP selection projects. In my experience, 20% of the time should be spent on standard functionality as almost every core supplier will have it. Reverse the order and spend 80% on unique functionality.

3. Lopsided team – Although there will be some functions more interested than others in the selection project, if they decided for everyone, you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up with a great system in that particular area with the rest left to luck.

4. Immediate feedback – Although it seems as though it’s obvious while sitting in the demo, it becomes amazingly difficult to figure out which feature went with which software a few days later. Talk immediately following the demo.

5. Focusing solely on functionality – Don’t get lost in functionality and forget that the software supplier will be your business partner. Do they conduct themselves as you’d expect for a long-term partner?

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