I’ve been thinking about the value of continuous learning. I am in the fortunate position of learning something new with each client and from each Board meeting (with my APICS and ProVisors groups). Last week, I met with a prospective client and saw interesting machines and manufacturing processes. I have skills that will help them succeed yet I am able to learn while I go. I also typically learn something new everyday from different colleagues I meet along the way – new ideas, interesting facts etc. This week, I am going to spend a portion of my week in a conference, focused on best practices in consulting. If you are not learning, you are falling behind!

One tip to implement this week:
The nice thing about this week’s topic is that it is easy to find ways to learn. Ask your manager about why they’ve chosen a certain process or project. Read trade magazines and discuss them with colleagues. Attend an APICS meeting to learn about best practices. For example, my APICS chapter has an upcoming executive panel and networking symposium on innovation. Please join us if you are in the Southern CA area. Attend a conference about your ERP software, your industry or the economy. Guaranteed, the people I know who are the best learners tend to lead the pack!