October 13, 2016

Last week, I participated in the development of the Supply Chain Roadmap 2025.  It will result in a compilation of what more than 100 industry thought leaders had to say about the future of material handling and logistics.  It is quite an interesting process to take a step back from the daily grind and sometimes firefighting to think strategically and long-term.  I look forward to the report coming out in the spring of 2017!

Similarly, I have been focused on finalizing the executive panel for APICS Inland Empire’s upcoming symposium on navigating the global supply chain – we have an amazing lineup of experts!  Certainly, many topics crossed over between these two events.

Join us for intriguing discussions with manufacturing and logistics thought leaders.  We are connected globally more than ever before.  I cannot name a client who isn’t connected with another country when looking at their extended supply chain and the maze of suppliers and customers.  Thus, it is worth learning how to effectively navigate these waters!


One tip to implement this week:
At first glance, it seems a bit challenging to figure out what can be done in a week.  However, since the global supply chain is all around us, it isn’t that hard after all.  How about we start by taking stock?  What connections do you have when thinking globally?

Perhaps your company has international locations?  Suppliers?  Customers?  If not, go one layer deeper.  Do any of your suppliers have global suppliers?  How about your end users?  Where are they located?  Or do you utilize distribution?  Are they global?  How about your transportation partners?  UPS and FedEx certainly are global!  And let’s not forget your trade associations like APICS – they are global.  Soon, you’ll have an interesting map evolving.  Share your findings with your colleagues.