October 23, 2017

As my CA best friend’s parents would say,  remember that time we went to San Antonio’s Riverwalk….  It was a fabulous trip with the beautiful riverwalk and surrounding area (which was also definitely improved with the hotel’s free breakfast which somehow makes everything so much better!) whereas they had been to San Antonio previously and it was definitely not something to write home about.  In fact, they had a hair raising experience checking into a hotel.   I have fond memories of repeated trips to the Iron Cactus for guacamole with them (they were great sports with my love of guacamole).  Thus, when in San Antonio for APICS 2017, I definitely searched out the Iron Cactus and took a picture.  With that said, I figured you would prefer the beauty of the riverwalk.  The oldest restaurant, Casa Rio, is featured below which I was able to check out on my last day there – of course with guacamole to boot!  Have you thought about how San Antonio transformed this area into a top notch tourist destination?  

One tip to implement this week:
Perhaps you are thinking that creating a destination isn’t something that applies to us; after all, we aren’t a city (although a few of us might work for one).  Regardless, it absolutely is something we should ponder.  Wouldn’t you like your customers to consider your company, your Customer Service team or your service a compelling “destination”?  Of course!  When most people get a new iPhone, don’t you think they see it as a new “destination” of sorts?  Everyone gets in line to buy one and social media buzzes.  Quite similar if you ask me!

So, how can we create a destination?  Let’s start by considering our customers and clients.  San Antonio had to think about what would appeal to their tourists and citizens.  Where would they enjoy spending time?  How could they make what they have into something attractive?  Start by thinking about those same questions.  Undoubtedly, everyone has a talent, and there is something good to find in every company.  What is it?  Can you build upon this strength?  Obviously, San Antonio had to start with a river which can be quite mundane in most cities.  Stretch your thinking and run your ideas by your colleagues.  What do you think would really entice your customers?  Perhaps we have to find out!