It’s obvious that no matter your career, project management skills are critical to success. What better way to get things done?

  1. Focus on critical path – It’s easy to get caught up in 1000’s of tasks on your project plan. Instead, focus all your efforts on just the critical path and you’ll achieve far greater success. Work smarter; not harder.
  2. Task Owners – It is common to assign multiple people to a task as a team works on achieving the intended result; however, no one owns the task. Instead, assign one person as the owner who coordinate with the rest of the team and is responsible for its completion.
  3. Be proactive – I’ve found that significantly better results are achieved when I remind critical path task owners that an important task is coming up. Reminders are a gem.
  4. Ask questions – One of the best ways to know what potential roadblocks lay ahead is to ask questions and listen.
  5. Follow up & measure – What’s measured is done. Follow up is essential to the difference between mediocre results vs. exceptional results.