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Blockchain, IoT, AI, Big Data. Will Anything Stick?

Should I really invest time and resources into technologies I don't know will pay back? For example, there is a lot of conversation about the value (or lack thereof) with blockchain, IoT, AI and more. This concern continues to arise and is on every executive's mind.
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Press Release: Manufacturing Expert, Lisa Anderson, Sees Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Manufacturing Profit, Inventory Levels and Cash

CLAREMONT, Calif., Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert,  Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) and human learning will impact most aspects of manufacturing resulting in improved profits, inventory levels and cash.  "Our manufacturing clients have really [...]

Survey says Automation Beats IoT

There is a lot of interest in IoT as it relates to connecting equipment, vehicles and more; however, it is a more complex topic with multiple vendors involved.

Is there an ROI on a Forecasting System?

Since forecasting can deliver significant benefits with increased levels of service, inventory turnover and margin improvement, the question that inevitably arises is whether it makes sense to purchase a forecasting or demand planning system.

Press Release: Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, Considers ERP, CRM and Related Systems Key to Enabling Scalable, Profitable Growth

Internal and collaborative systems are critical to short- and long-term growth for manufacturers and distributors. Systems must be able to support scalability and sustainability.

People & Robots Can Co-Exist Successfully

We held an engaging executive panel discussion at our APICS Inland Empire spring symposium on the topic, "The Talent Transformation: People or Robots? There is quite a lot of hoopla in the area of Inland Southern California as this geography is larger than all but 24 states [...]

Amazon Adds In-Garage Delivery Option

According to Good Morning America, Amazon is adding in-garage delivery options to its already vast array of delivery options - in-home and in-car.

Pepsi’s Innovations with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence appears to be taking over the world. You better get up-to-speed quickly!
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