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Guest Blog by Jyoti Sharma – 3 Ways AI is Transforming the Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a vital part of the leading supply chain companies and is transforming the supply chain system at a very fast rate, even though many companies aren’t ready for it.

What’s Ahead in Technology?

To think about what's ahead in technology, it is important to put it in perspective with what's ahead in business.

The Resilient Supply Chain: Are You Prepared for AI & Automation?

Will artificial intelligence and automation impact your industry?  Most likely the answer is yes; the only question is how. 

28 Expert Opinions Every Business Leader Should Know About Enterprise AI

“AI" and machine learning will have a profound impact over the next few years! For example, instead of following preventative maintenance schedules according to a rolling calendar which is likely to create unnecessary machine downtime while not resolving all of the unexpected machine breakdowns, AI can flip this equation on its head!”
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Ireland’s Lean, Green Forklift Plant Proves Robots & IoT Not Required

According to a new an Industry Week article, you can achieve amazing growth and success without robots and IoT!  Combilift has used innovation, creativity and the customer experience to go it alone with amazing results!  Safer, simpler, smarter is their tag line.

Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Will Robots Pay Back?

From self-­driving cars to automatic machines, technology is taking over much of society. But should robots be viewed as the ultimatum? Lisa Anderson, author of Will Robots Pay Back?  joined us to share her perspective. Here are three takeaways from our time with Lisa Anderson on Critical Mass Radio Show

What Harvey Mudd, 3D Printers, Rockets & Attorneys Have in Common

Last week, I attended a ProVisors event (top notch group of trusted advisors including attorneys, CPAs etc.) at Harvey Mudd.  We were focused on manufacturing and innovation, and we were lucky to tour the day after Harvey Mudd's clinic projects day where the students discuss the successes of working with companies like GKN, Bobcat, Amazon, Google and more.

3D Printed Houses – Fast, Inexpensive and Fights Homelessness

Although we should consider potential impacts of 3D printing in our industry, the more important consideration is to let our minds think about the future.  What technological innovations are likely to impact your industry?
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