What is an Eagle Eye Strategic Focus?

A keen eye for details can uncover big savings. In my experience, I've found that watching trends is vital to success - if you can pick up on a key trends and get better positioned than your competition and/or jump on-board with strategic innovations early, you'll be guaranteed [...]

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How to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

Pinpointing success is about re-packaging—literally and figuratively—by connecting the dots in a new way and seeing trends and hidden profit opportunities. Published in "The Business Edge" website, November, 2011 There has never been a better time to cultivate an environment of innovation! We are in what has been referred [...]

Execution: The Difference Between Profit & Loss

Lately, I've been thinking about trends among my consulting clients and how my value has most helped in driving bottom line results. Undoubtedly, it boils down to execution. Those clients who are able to execute strategies and plans are those who are the most successful – grow the business [...]

Lessons Learned from Failure

Why do failures generate so much interest? Perhaps as students, we had it pounded into our heads that mistakes are bad - avoid failure at all costs. What can we learn from failure? First, failure isn't fatal - not only is failure not fatal but it also is critical [...]

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Emerging Supply Chain Trends

Stay on top of trends to stand out from the crowd. Those executives who stay on top of the latest trends and search for patterns and trends in their business are far more successful than their counterparts. In my 20+ years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've [...]

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