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Does Technology Have a Seat at the Table? Do you consider your technology leader an integral member of your executive team? If not, why not? Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, technology was starting to take over the world. With the acceleration of e-commerce, the expanded use of ERP systems, [...]

Warehousing Strategies for Success

The Amazon Effect is creating elevated levels of stress in the warehousing and distribution world. The key question is how to provide immediate deliveries, customized service, easy returns, and more for a reduced cost - a very good question indeed! A few considerations to ponder: Storage capacity - what [...]

VMI – Supply Chain Collaboration on Steroids

Collaboration is at the center of successful working relationships with your supply chain partners.Supply chain collaboration is in vogue. Customers have figured out that if suppliers have access to more information on what they need and what is important to them that they'll typically do a better job of [...]

Top Importers & Exporters… E-Commerce Impacts

June 1, 2017 According to the Journal of Commerce, the top importers were impacted by e-commerce and that trend is expected to continue.  Imports grew by 8% last year (2.2 million TEU) whereas exports grew by 3% (just under a million TEU).  The rankings are showing signs of a [...]

Staples & the Power of Customer Service

August 11, 2016 When I've needed customer service the most, Staples has been there!  A while back, my house burned down.  When that happened, the manager of the local Staples went WAY out of her way to help dig up old invoices to assist with the arduous accounting process. [...]

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Finding Efficiency

Published in Global Trade Magazine on Dec. 14th, 2015 Identifying best practices for company types and cultures is key, according to Lisa Anderson, say Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group, Claremont, CA. "Collaboration with customers and suppliers is typically a best practice that can help reduce inventory levels," [...]

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The Brave New World of the Automated Warehouse

Published in American Journal of Transportation on June 24, 2015 "You have multiple channels going said Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. Click here to read more.

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