The Resilient Supply Chain: Are You Prepared for AI & Automation?

Will artificial intelligence and automation impact your industry?  Most likely the answer is yes; the only question is how. 

Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Will Robots Pay Back?

From self-­driving cars to automatic machines, technology is taking over much of society. But should robots be viewed as the ultimatum? Lisa Anderson, author of Will Robots Pay Back?  joined us to share her perspective. Here are three takeaways from our time with Lisa Anderson on Critical Mass Radio Show

Will Robots Pay Back? Insights from Author Lisa Anderson on Critical Mass Radio Show

Published in Critical Mass on June 4th, 2018 Lisa Anderson, author of Will Robots Pay Back? shares her perspective on Critical Mass Radio Show. Click here to read more.

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The Skills Gap Emerges as #1 at Prominent Supply Chain Conference

At the Southern California Supply Chain and Logistics Summit conference, there were several keynote speakers from industry icons such as Amazon, UPS, Union Pacific and more.  One might expect quite a lot of interesting insights into the latest supply chain trends yet the most common theme among the presentations tied back to the skills gap.

What Should Manufacturers Be Thinking with Potential Tax Changes?

There has certainly been a lot of conversation about the potential tax law changes!  Michael Kouyoumdjian, managing shareholder of RP&B CPAs did a great job of going through the potential changes and impacts in a discussion with trusted advisers to manufacturers and distributors.

Leveraging Technology for Supply Chain Success

Lisa Anderson shares strategies for leveraging technology in the supply chain for heightened efficiency and success.

Robots, IoT, AI, Autonomous Vehicles and More….

Autonomous vehicles for all intensive purposes are "here".  It will take some time with testing and regulations but there will be interesting impacts when considering some of the issues that plague transportation today.
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