Navigating the Widening Skills Gap

Published in tED Magazine on November 2014 According to a survey performed by the LMA Consulting Group (lmaconsultinggroup.com) in conjunction with the APICS Inland Empire Chapter (apics-ie.org), 87% of manufacturers and distributors are experiencing a skills gap—that is, they have lost qualified people to retirement, job transfers, etc. The [...]

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Master Scheduling Strategies to Add Value

A master schedule is an integral part of your production plan and communications to your team to centralize focus.I have yet to work with a client who couldn’t use improvement in their master planning process. Whether a company is squarely on the lean journey, traditional MRP or a combination [...]

Manufacturing Wages are Going UP!

Published October 10, 2014 I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the fast rise of manufacturing wages in some areas. The largest increase has been in Texas at 25%; however, wages are beginning to rise across the board. According to my skills gap research study, [...]

The Manufacturing Connector – Profit through People

More than ever manufacturing and distribution operations are linked and fueled by people worldwide. When you make them the cornerstone of your success profit will follow. When I talk about The Manufacturing Connector(SM), I am referring to the comprehensive process to connect the rapid assessment and identification of key [...]

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100 Best Practices, Tips to Elevate Business Performance for Manufacturing

To celebrate my 100th Profit Through People(TM) newsletter, I wanted to share 100 of my favorite tips, best practices and strategies with you. I've covered many of these over the 10 years I have had my consulting business and it is my hope that they will give you and [...]

Outsourcing, In-sourcing, Near-sourcing?

American businesses may have miscalculated costs and benefits when they joined the outsourcing bandwagon. With the tide rolling back, what direction should you take?For many years, companies outsourced as a natural course of activity. Unfortunately, often times, they didn't even perform an analysis of the total benefit; instead, everyone [...]

Watching Metrics Trends

Collecting lots of data isn’t enough to improve service levels. A successful manager tracks relevant metric trends and puts the information into action. One of the keys to success for any business is to watch metrics trends. In my experience, if a client watches key trends, they tend to [...]

Synthesize for Results

Today’s bombardment of ideas requires an ability to synthesize — to spot relevant connections and innovative combinations in manufacturing. We've talked about the ingredients required to have an Eagle Eye - how to rapidly spot key priorities and ensure results occur. There are so few people who put these [...]

The Skills Gap: Putting the Spark Back in Manufacturing

As I discussed in my Skills Gap research report, there is a significant disconnect between what companies need and what they have.  It is worrisome for our future if we cannot find a way to close this gap.  Of course, I have suggestions stemming from retention to hiring to [...]

Lean: Uncommon Common Sense

Lean benefits are not found in a three-day workshop, but rather arise and are sustained through culture change.I have always been a process consultant, typically focusing on those processes which are the most relevant to making rapid improvement with the specific manufacturer or distributor I am partnering with. Yet, [...]

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