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A Fractured Tooth & The Power of the Customer Experience

Well, no doubt about it, when it rains, it pours. I had a tooth ache that lasted about a week, and so I called my dentist. They took an X-ray, and it didn't really show anything; however, when looking with a microscope, they could see the fracture. We had [...]

15 Supply Chain & Logistics Experts

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., was named one of 15 supply chain & logistics experts to get (and stay) ahead of the curve.

9 Big Ideas from Women in Supply Chain Leadership

The landscape for supply chain leaders is getting more complex each year – and that’s before taking into account the current global pandemic. We’re facing unprecedented challenges, and there are no easy answers.  Thankfully, despite growing headwinds and current conditions, there is no shortage of industry voices with insights, [...]

Supply Chain Heroes: How CFOs Can Help Save the World

As Published in: Oracle/Modern Finance Early this year, the largest asset-management company in the world made a bold announcement: It would start redirecting investments away from fossil fuels because of climate change. In his annual letter to CEOs, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink stated that “climate risk is investment risk,” and that risk [...]

Top Business Leaders: Lisa Anderson, Author of I’ve Been Thinking

Elevate your business with expert supply chain strategy tips for sustained growth and profitability. Listen to the interview.

The Strategic Benefit of SIOP

SIOP is not a quick resolution; however, you can make quick interim progress. Similar to safety, it must become part of your day-to-day culture.

California Steel Industries and whether Progress Follows Passion

CSI has never had a layoff although they have used their employees not just to fill temporary roles but also to perform all services during tough years.  This dedication shines through.
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Gaining New Ideas to Increase Business Value

There is no doubt that the most successful executives utilize all of these techniques to make sure they generate a seemingly never-ending stream of ideas to increase the value of their business.  Will you set aside time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to priorities these activities? 

Competition – Or Are They?

It might just pay to remember that your relationship network is one of your most valuable assets. Can you find ways to collaborate for win-win success? 

Who Should You Follow? A Guide to Good Mentoring Relationships

My own consulting mentor says: “follow someone who has been there and done that”. Experience counts. We recently took on one of our first consulting mentoring projects. Since our focus is on delivering growth and profitability for manufacturing and distribution companies, we work mainly with business-to-business. With that said, [...]

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