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Why Marketing Shouldn’t be Overlooked with SIOP

November 18, 2015 I've been partnering with clients to design and implement SIOP (sales, inventory and operations planning) programs the last several years as I've found them to be a GREAT way to achieve several results simultaneously:  1) Support growth  2) Improved service levels/ quicker turnaround of deliveries (shorter [...]

What We Can Learn from Jack Welch

Successful companies put people ahead of strategy, process, and systems. While attending APICS 2015, I heard Jack Welch, former GE CEO and best-selling business author, speak about the value of people. My ears perked up as I have found that the best processes and systems will fail miserably without [...]

Never Giving Up & the Cubs

October 19, 2015 I adored the Chicago Cubs when I was young. My childhood friend Vonda and I used to watch every game. She loved Ryne Sandberg, and I loved Jody Davis. It was great fun! We even went to Wrigley Field a few times. As my Dad just [...]

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The Power of Caring & Hospice of the Valley

October 13, 2015 While I was giving my speech at the APICS International Conference, my Mom was calling my cell phone to tell me that she couldn't wake my Dad up that morning.  He had a stroke in his sleep.  Of course I flew out to AZ immediately.  He [...]

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Are You Ready for Q4?

It’s time to plan the rest of the year to ensure a smooth ending to 2015 and interrupted service to customers.The years seem to fly by faster and faster, don’t they? As we head into Q4, it is important to think about whether you are ready for calendar year-end [...]

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The SIOP Conveyor Belt Analogy

The ongoing planning and adjustments integral to the SIOP is like a conveyor belt carrying along current data and processes until they become history. SIOP (Sales, inventory, & operations planning) is a methodology of sorts that aligns demand with supply – and, more importantly, the various functions of the [...]

Why Care About Systems Transactions?

Systems transactions are often treated as an afterthought but are critical to building a stable foundation for your business. As mundane as system transactions seem, I continually find that whether or not they are deemed a priority can make the difference between a successful operation or not. The bottom [...]

Why Strategic Planning is an Oxymoron

Strategic planning has long been hailed the business cornerstone for projecting profit and growth. Oftentimes, the strategy, “what”, gets mixed up with the tactics, or the “how”, which leads to failure. Although almost everyone uses the term strategic planning, it doesn't make sense. Setting strategy is a clear; however, [...]

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Do Your Executives Have Vision?

Develop your business vision with an eagle eye to see further out into the future creating clarity and purpose for your company. In thinking about an eagle's eye (in concert with my Eagle Eye service line), it comes to mind that vision is a key contributor to success. An [...]

SIOP/ Integrated Business Planning

Manufacturing and distributing product to meet customer demand can be like a puzzle unless you start using SIOP as a core process to run your business. SIOP (sales, inventory, & operations planning) taken to the best practice degree is often associated with integrated business planning. In some circles, they [...]

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