Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

A disengaged workforce can cost you in productivity, profitability and lost customers. Engaging employees can be as simple as listening, giving feedback and removing obstacles to success Employee engagement was a hot topic during the "Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage" panel at the Drucker Supply Chain Forum.  Did [...]

Keeping Your Project Team Motivated & Engaged

Published in "Project Times" website, March 13, 2017 Click here for original article. In leading and participating in hundreds if not thousands of projects during my 25-year career as an executive, consultant, and non-profit leader... it is apparent that the most important aspect of projecting success is keeping your [...]

5 Ways Project Management and Lean Manufacturing Speed Up Processes

Published in "Liquid Planner" website, October 3, 2016 Lean manufacturing has become a popular way to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This philosophy originated, largely, at Toyota and is used to better align customer needs with manufacturing operations. The challenge with lean is that, despite its attraction [...]

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Case Study in Accelerating High Performers

Turn your employee performance assessment around by focusing on how to support and motivate your high performers rather that slow progress by trying to bring non-performers up-to-speed. Situation:  Our client had a select few high performers in their organization amidst a sea of average performers and a few non-performers. [...]

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Leadership – Making You Feel Important

As a leader, knowing how to treat people so that they feel important and a part of your company’s success builds a reliable team that will go the extra mile to deliver results. Of course we talk about leadership more than anything else as it is #1 to business [...]

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Charleston & Open Door Policies

January 6, 2017 I went to Charleston over New Years and enjoyed time with my best friends, food and fun.  Charleston is an intriguing historical city.  The houses in town cannot change their structures, and so purchasing a home is not only expensive but the maintenance is ten times [...]

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Networking Success for Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, December 22, 2016 Click here for original article. As project managers, the 80/20 of success is in leading, coordinating and facilitating among people. Of course, the technical knowledge is a base requirement; however, no matter how technically correct, the project manager will not achieve [...]

Vision Backed with BIG Goals & Leadership

SAP CEO Bill McDermott talked much more than just about data. One of his most compelling stories related to turning around Xerox's lowest performing division and ending the year as #1. Who says success isn't derived from leadership has his/her head buried in the sand. The keys Bill described [...]

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Chicago Cubs – playing the long game…

November 7, 2016 108 years!  I wasn't too sure I'd see the Cubs win the World Series in my lifetime.  After all, my dad missed out.  We were both Cubs fans.  While growing up, I watched almost every game with my friend Vonda.  And I remember waiting for my [...]

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Favorite Charities 2016

October 23, 2016 When I led my ProVisors ONT meeting last week, we talked about our favorite charities. We are a group of trusted advisors for businesses (commercial bankers, commercial insurance, consultants, attorneys, etc.) yet discussing charities was a great exercise to get to know each other better which also [...]

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