Empower Your People to GROW

When you empower your people with the right tools and decision-making, they take share in the ownership and business success. Businesses must capture opportunities rapidly to outpace their competition.  Thus, it is even more important to be the best at identifying, prioritizing, and implementing opportunities which will deliver bottom [...]

The Pope & Visionary Leaders

September 21, 2015 As the pope heads to the U.S. for the first time, there will be significant buzz and conversation. Pope Francis is certainly making a splash with almost every move. From what I see, non-Catholics and Catholics alike are interested in what he'll do next - and [...]

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Why Care About Systems Transactions?

Systems transactions are often treated as an afterthought but are critical to building a stable foundation for your business. As mundane as system transactions seem, I continually find that whether or not they are deemed a priority can make the difference between a successful operation or not. The bottom [...]

Do Your Executives Have Vision?

Develop your business vision with an eagle eye to see further out into the future creating clarity and purpose for your company. In thinking about an eagle's eye (in concert with my Eagle Eye service line), it comes to mind that vision is a key contributor to success. An [...]

The People Element

Locate your best employees, particularly in leadership positions, and invest in them for continued success. I find that the best process will fail with the wrong people. The best system will not drive results if the wrong people are involved. Yet if exceptional people are involved, even the most [...]

The Transfer of Ontario Airport & The Challenge Bridging Strategy & Execution

August 10, 2015 Many of my Inland Empire colleagues and trusted advisors have been supporting the transfer of ownership of the Ontario airport back to the city of Ontario (from LAX airport) for YEARS. It was a big surprise last week when the Los Angeles Times reported breaking news [...]

Are Check Points Required to Deliver Project Results?

Effective project management has become cornerstone to business performance. Although we are largely in a recovery, none of my clients have gone back to the days of having more than the required resources “just in case” yet project demands are ever-increasing as profitable growth is key to success. In [...]

The Power of Customer Service

July 10, 2015 I've seen a few examples of the power of customer service this week, and it propelled me to write on what a huge impact it can have. For example, I participated in 3 full days of ERP demonstrations in order to provide expertise on which sofware [...]

What will Motivate Your Team?

A motivated team can overcome some of the biggest business challenges a company can face.presentation in meeting room. According to my Skills Gap research, executive recruiters and HR experts, it is more challenging now than it has been in quite a long time to find and retain top talent.  [...]

Smart Succession Planning: Getting Ready for Your Next Move

Succession planning is an opportunity for innovation and creating a positive workplace as you assess the talent you need to grow and sustain your business. Guest Post by: Gayle Lantz What if you lost one of your key employees unexpectedly? Happens all the time. “We really need to get [...]

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