Supply Chain Briefing

What’s New & Hot in Transportation?

Who knew transportation could be so complex?  As much as goes into transportation, consumers are trained to think of it as "free" (think Amazon Prime) and quick.  That certainly provides two conflicting forces!

Robots, IoT, AI, Autonomous Vehicles and More….

Autonomous vehicles for all intensive purposes are "here".  It will take some time with testing and regulations but there will be interesting impacts when considering some of the issues that plague transportation today.

What Do Sears and Amazon Have in Common?

Sears was the former Amazon just about 100 years ago, growing 50-fold within a decade with its world-famous catalog and then transforming from a mailing company to a brick-and-mortar giant. 

Electric Cars Surge in Investment by BIG & Interesting Names

Whether we have anything to do with electric cars, we should pay attention.  Noticing where investments are flowing can be quite critical as it will impact your business in one way or another. 
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A Tour of Skechers & Jaw Dropping Savings

A recent tour of the Skechers Distribution Center highlighted the environmental and economic benefits of the LEED Gold certified facility.

Wisconsin Provides HUGE Incentives to Lure Apple Manufacturer

What might seem impossible to us might not be!  Do you tend to write off ideas before considering their full value?  Perhaps we should take a page from Wisconsin's playbook and look at the big picture, think long-term and mix it up a bit. 

IBM, MIT & Artificial Intelligence

AI is on the rise. How is it affecting industries, what are the potential benefits? What questions should you consider to prepare for the future?

Hurricane Harvey & Supply Chain Impacts

Supply chain disruptions are commonplace - and often unavoidable.  Are you planning for the most likely supply chain impacts in your business?

Walmart Raising the Supply Chain Metrics Bar

Walmart elevates supply chain efficiency with rigorous OTIF standards, urging suppliers to enhance delivery performance or face penalties.
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