Supply Chain Briefing

Big Grocery Chains Ramping Up Pressure on Food Suppliers

If you are not high performing in the food and beverage industry (and consumer products in general), you will not stay viable anymore.

Global Manufacturers Struggle to Keep Up with Demand – Are You?

Factories across the globe are showing signs of strain in keeping up with demand.  China, Germany, France, Canada, the UK and the US all show that capacity might not be keeping up with supply.

Is Apple Moving Design In-House?

Apple has developed its own processors for years but has recently increased its focus on the in-house design of components.

What Should Manufacturers Be Thinking with Potential Tax Changes?

There has certainly been a lot of conversation about the potential tax law changes!  Michael Kouyoumdjian, managing shareholder of RP&B CPAs did a great job of going through the potential changes and impacts in a discussion with trusted advisers to manufacturers and distributors.

Steel Imports at the Lowest 2 Year Level Since 2002-2003

According to Industry Week, steel imports from 2016-17 are on track to be the lowest in almost 15 years! 

Leveraging Technology for Supply Chain Success

Lisa Anderson shares strategies for leveraging technology in the supply chain for heightened efficiency and success.

What’s New & Hot in Transportation?

Who knew transportation could be so complex?  As much as goes into transportation, consumers are trained to think of it as "free" (think Amazon Prime) and quick.  That certainly provides two conflicting forces!

Robots, IoT, AI, Autonomous Vehicles and More….

Autonomous vehicles for all intensive purposes are "here".  It will take some time with testing and regulations but there will be interesting impacts when considering some of the issues that plague transportation today.
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