Supply Chain Briefing

Why Care About Rail?

Rail innovation is shaping logistics, driving efficiency, and reducing emissions for a sustainable future. This article covers how.

Southern California Supply Chain Summit Touts Impressive Facts

Explore key takeaways from the Southern California Supply Chain Summit on industry innovation and efficiency.

Are Robots Good or Bad?

According to the Material Handling & Logistics, robots are slashing U.S. wages and worsening pay inequality.  That is certainly a provocative statement!  According to new research by MIT's Daron Acemoglu and Boston University's Pascual Restrepo, one additional robot per thousand workers reduces the employment to population ratio from .18 percentage points to .34 percentage points and slashes wages from .25% to .5%.  

Tweaks to NAFTA & CEO Input

Take a look at your supply chain.  How are you likely to be affected by changes to NAFTA?  What risks should you account for?

Job Gains & Market Surges

When it comes to retaining your internal talent and your key supply chain partners, it is not terribly complex.  Think about how you would like to be treated and what would attract you to want to work for or with your company.  

Reshoring Gains

According to Industry Week and the Reshoring Initiative, after two decades of job losses, we have turned the corner.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this rare opportunity, you must be prepared!

Manufacturers Upbeat But Worry About Skills Gap

According to Industry Week, the Fed's survey of the economy expressed optimism; however, it also noted that labor markets are tightening.  Since I'm also embarking on refrehsing my 2013 Skills Gap research report, thus far, I've noted the same concerns for high-skilled positions. I hear far less conversation about [...]

Is Digitization Hype?

Digitization isn't going to take over our day-to-day operations anytime soon; however, if we want to lead in our industry and provide exceptional service to our customers, we better get ahead of this curve, no matter how slow-moving at the moment.  

Trump’s Major Increase in Defense Spending and Related Impacts

When military spending increases, defense-related manufacturing booms. It isn't rocket science to figure that out; however, it can be tempting to wait too long for confirmation of orders.
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Deloitte Survey Says Talent Gap Jeopardizes Success

We are in a volatile business environment. Instead of complaining or burying our head in the sand, we must find a way to get ahead of the curve.
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