Supply Chain Briefing

Is Supply Chain Top of Mind?

A strategic focus on supply chain can dramatically influence your business's success, competitiveness, and resilience. Is it top of mind?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is Trending in Supply Chain

The transformative impact of IoT on supply chain trends, from real-time tracking to predictive analytics, shapes future operations.

Samsung Expanding Manufacturing in the U.S.

Samsung's $380 million investment in new U.S. manufacturing highlights the trend of reshoring for better customer and market alignment

Amazon and Whole Foods

Amazon acquiring Whole Foods reflects strategic foresight into retail evolution, blending online prowess with physical store advantages

Fully Autonomous Vehicles Will Be Here by 2020

Autonomous vehicles seem to arise at every corner.  Last week, I heard a presentation on autonomous vehicles by the executive VP of Hyundai, and earlier this week, I participated on a panel at Future Ports Annual Conference with a Caltrans researcher on autonomous vehicles.  What is clear is that [...]

World Logistics Center & the Sheer Relevance of Logistics

The World Logistics Center impacts the global economy and has a role in reshaping logistics and supply chain dynamics.

Robots & Demographics

According to Industry Week and Moody's Investor Service, there could be a significant upside to robots with the near-term demographic time bomb in Japan and Germany.

Top Importers & Exporters… E-Commerce Impacts

E-commerce trends are reshaping the landscape for top importers/exporters, influencing global trade dynamics. Find out how in this article.

Amazon Is Going to Australia!

Amazon's expansion into Australia will have impacts on retail, and how will it shape the future of global distribution and drone delivery?

New Survey Says Manufacturing Key to American Prosperity

A recent survey highlights manufacturing as crucial for American prosperity, calling for strategic investments and skill enhancements.
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