The Right Combination of Technical & Communication Skills ROCKS!

February 18, 2017 I am the Chair of the APICS West Coast student case competition, and we just wrapped up our 2017 event.  We had 104 students from around the world fly into San Diego to compete.  It was a really impressive group of students!     The [...]

A Sneak Peek at What the Supply Chain Industry Will Look Like in 2025

Here are five changes that we’re expecting and insights into how these shifts will ultimately impact the supply chain industry.
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Technical Innovation & Japan’s Bullet Train

While in Japan last week, I had the opportunity to ride the bullet train three times - and, even waited to go back to Tokyo from Mt. Fuji to see it whiz past since you cannot see it in action in Tokyo as a terminal station - simply amazing [...]

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US Roadmap 2025

It is critical for manufacturers and distributors to keep track of the rapidly changing factors that impact the supply chain including technological and workforce issues. The US Roadmap 2025 is a strategic study to weather and thrive amid current and future global disruptors. The Material Handling and Logistics Association [...]

Data Migration

Data migration may seem like a mundane and even daunting task, but the ability to leverage your system to get information to make better decisions will have a profound effect on your business. I've been involved in a few projects lately where data migration has been the hot topic. [...]

An IT Roadmap

Creating an IT roadmap shouldn’t be all about the bells and whistles of the system, but rather on the technology that supports the strategy and business objectives. Ever heard about 1's and 0's as it relates to computers? That level of detail is often what I see with systems. [...]

Addressing Warehouse Space Challenges

One of those frequent and frustrating problems with growth can be space. Who has heard, "I've run out of space! What should we do?". Unfortunately it is not uncommon. The problem with this situation is that there are numerous causes and solutions - including this is exactly the problem [...]

Why The Little Things Matter

August 4, 2015 I dropped my phone last week which I've done many times before; however, this time it shattered. Thus, I had to use my insurance to get a replacement phone. I received my replacement phone and got everything working, and then I realized it wouldn't charge on [...]

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Innovation Tips from the APICS-IE Executive Panel & Networking Symposium

My APICS (#1 trade association for supply chain and operations management) chapter hosted an executive panel & networking symposium which was focused on the topic of innovation. Innovation is a critical topic! Problem solving and maintaining the status quo is no longer enough as customers expect more, regulations increase [...]

Leverage Systems for Growth

If you’re riding a wave of growing demand put systems in place that can support the increased workload and not wipe out your goals. Lately I've been talking with many clients and potential clients who are interested in growth. Although rapid growth is exciting, it can also be one [...]

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