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Retailers Slowly Catching Up with Demand

Several weeks into the pandemic, it seems as though the supply chain for essential products are finally catching up with the demand. TAMPA, Fla. — In early March, when America realized the coronavirus turned into a pandemic, essentials like toilet paper and cleaning products were must-haves. And, retailers struggled [...]

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What’s Happening in Manufacturing & the Supply Chain: Economic Impact of COVID-19 LMA Consulting

Doing Business with China – Lisa Anderson, LMA & John Tulac JD

The Future of Manufacturing in the United States

Companies across the nation are predicting a significant shift from offshoring to near-shoring following the COVID-19 pandemic. Will companies shift their strategies toward Mexico? How will others adapt? Specifically, what does this mean for the electronics industry going forward? Join some of the forward thinkers in the electronics [...]

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