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Risk – Take it or Leave it?

In today’s new normal business, prudent risk-taking can pay off greatly for your company. Risks abound in today’s market! Products are stolen during transit. Natural disasters occur. Political conflicts arise. Ports go on strike. Securing information is no longer easy – or inexpensive. Customers go out of business. Investments [...]

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Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Manufacturing & Supply Chain

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson talks about what is important to manufacturing and supply chain, how best practices can add value regardless of size and shares tips, ideas and strategies for manufacturing success. Use controls below to listen. Download MP3 16.7MB

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Why Become the Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain?

Being known as the strongest link in your supply chain is the key to success. In today's new normal business environment where sales are no longer easy, talent is in short supply even amidst high unemployment levels, volatility is the new norm and customers want "more for less - [...]

Transportation Trends: Avoid Weak Links in Your Supply Chain

Stay on top of the latest transportation trends to avoid weak links in your supply chain. Five Transportation Trends I’ve recently spoken at and participated in a few transportation industry events, and was reminded of the importance of transportation trends to the supply chain, so I thought a recap [...]

The New Normal Business Environment

In today's new normal business environment which is characterized by volatility, lackluster sales, customers wanting “more for less – and NOW” and a talent shortage admist high unemployment levels, companies are turning to the supply chain to deliver RESULTS. Our view of the supply chain is from our [...]

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Transportation Trends

I've recently spoken and participated with a few transportation industry events and was reminded of its importance to the supply chain, and so I thought a recap of trends was in order: The importance of systems - As supply chains become more complex, leveraging systems becomes more important to [...]

What is an Eagle Eye Strategic Focus?

A keen eye for details can uncover big savings. In my experience, I've found that watching trends is vital to success - if you can pick up on a key trends and get better positioned than your competition and/or jump on-board with strategic innovations early, you'll be guaranteed [...]

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How Do You Implement Lean for Project Management?

Apply lean methodologies to project management to gain a competitive advantage. Published in "Project Times" website, October, 2011 Click here for original article. There’s no doubt that there is a vast amount of interest in lean principles. I’ve had multiple client requests – both ones who are interested in [...]

Project Failure: How to Avoid Top Causes

Communication is vital to project management success. Are you looking for different methods to make certain your messages is getting across? Published in "ExecutiveBrief" website, April, 2013 So much of an organization’s success is tied to project success! Can you think of any significant organization initiative or improvement that [...]

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